Sega Saturn Technical Information

Processors (8)

Two Hitachi SH2 32-Bit RISC@28.6MHz (25 MIPS)
One Hitachi SH1 32-Bit RISC
VDP 1 Video Display Processor
VDP 2 Video Display Processor
Motorola 68EC000 Sound Processor
SCSP Sound Processor
System Control Unit (SCU)


2 MB (16 Mbit) RAM
1.54 MB (12 Mbit) VRAM (Video RAM)
540 KB (4 Mbit) Audio RAM
540 KB (4 Mbit) CD-ROM Cache
540 KB (4 Mbit) IPL ROM
32 KB (256 Kbit) Backup RAM


Geometry Engine

Sprite Graphics


5 Simultaneous Scrolling Backgrounds
2 Simultaneous Rotating Playfields
Up to 60 frames per second animation
24-Bit True Color Graphics
704 x 480 Maximum Resolution
16.7 Million Available Color
32,768 Colors Display on Screen


352 x 240
640 x 240
704 x 480
Colors 32,000 displayed in foreground
24-bit color palette

2D Capabilities

Virtually Unlimited Sprites on a Line
Virtually Unlimited Sprite Images
Virtually Unlimited CLUTs
Dual 256K Frame Buffers for Rotation, Scaling Effects
Five Simultaneous Scrolling Backgrounds
Two Simultaneous Rotating Playfields
24-bit Backgrounds
704x480 maximum resolution Backgrounds

3D Capabilities

Texture Mapping
Gouraud Shading
512K Texture Cache
200,000 texture-mapped polygons/second
500,000 flat shaded polgons/second


Direct Memory Access to RAM
150 KB/sec audio tansfer
330 KB/sec data transfer
660 MB Max Capacity


PCM & FM Sound Sources
16 bit sampling
Sampling Rate 44.1 KHz max
32 Voices
SCSP Digital Signal Processor (DSP) @22.6MHz
Motorola 68EC000 sound processor @11.3MHz
32 PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) Channels
8 FM (Frequency Modulation) Channels

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