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12 Jun, 1998

Sega has revealed that the world-wide budget for Dreamcast launch will be $500 million. It is also confirmed that a 3D Sonic title would be ready for US launch next year.

27 May, 1998

Just to make sure that every knows. Sega next system will be called Dreamcast. Here are some Picture of Dreamcast.

15 Apr, 1998

Electronic Boutiques to carry store are going to carry more Sega Saturn Imports like Vampire Savior and Japan All Pro Wrestling.

1 Apr, 1998

It is ever likely that the Katana will be shown at E3 by Sega.

25 Mar, 1998

Bernie Stolar has been promoted to president of Sega of America and COO of the North American division of Sega

12 Mar, 1998

Capcom signed up with Sega to produce Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact for Sega next system.

18 Feb, 1998

Sega of Japan plans to launch Katana with a number of Model 3 conversions, including Daytona 2 and possible Sega Rally 2. There is also a new Sonic game that Sonic Team is said to have ready for the system's launch, Sega is reportidly planning a new Ecco the Dolphin game that is being developed by Appaloosa. There are two possible launch dates in the U.S and Europe for Katana April 1999 or September 1999. With a launch of Katana in Japan this Fall.

17 Feb, 1998

According to BrandWeek Sega has earmarked $100 million for the launch of Katana. When it ships in the US.

23 Jan, 1998

Electronics Boutique has drop the price of the Sega Saturn for about $80.

13 Jan, 1998

Here is a tentative list of developers for Katana from SaturnWorld.

Electronic Arts
Epic Megagames
Fox Interactive

6 Jan, 1998

The 4MB RAM cart and X-Men vs Street Fighter being released for the Sega Saturn in the U.S. now seems uncertain. Electronic Arts will not be developing any more games for Sega Saturn.

19 Dec, 1997

Capcom has announced that the 4 MB RAM cart and X-Men vs Street Fighter cart will be released in the U.S. for the Sega Saturn.

8 Dec, 1997

The new name for Sega next console isKatana.

17 Nov, 1997

The RAM cart maybe US bound. Capcom and Sega in the middle of negotiations to finally release the peripheral in the US.

House of the Dead bumped up to March 1998 release.

14 Nov, 1997

Although Sega Dural demos of Super GT have been shown to developers, it will not come out on Dural. Daytona 2 will be replacing Super GT on Dural. Daytona 2 is being designed for the arcades with the home version in mind.

5 Nov, 1997

Panzer Dragoon Saga is now set for a Summer of 98 release in the US.

4 Nov, 1997

Today Sega of America announced that they will be releasing Winter Heat, Steep Slope Sliders, and House of the Dead in the US.

30 Oct, 1997

Sega has announced that they will shift their sales of console games and PC software directly to retailers.

28 Oct, 1997

House of the Dead has been official announced for the Saturn.

8 Oct, 1997

Working Designs nearing completion on its next Saturn RPG Magic Knight Rayearth. It should be released in December.

24 Sep, 1997

A rumor has been circulating all around the Internet today, that said that Capcom has indefinitely delayed all US Saturn titles. The rumor is false, Capcom titles will still ship on schedule.

16 Sep, 1997

Here are details behind Sega's next system. Check out next Next Generation for all the details.

CPU: Hitachi SH-4 200 MHz CPU
GRAPHICS CHIP: PowerVR2 (Highlander)
SOUND CHIP: Yamaha ARM7-based ASIC
MAIN RAM: 8 Megabytes
AUDIO RAM: 2 Megabytes
CACHES: 8k instruction/16k data/128K CD ROM buffer
MODEM: Modem card (possibly PCMCIA based)
OUTPUT: VGA and 640x240 anti-aliased RF
CD ROM: (12x) Custom dual format

SH4 Specs:

  • 200MHz
  • 360 Dhrystone v1.1 MIPS
  • 2-way superscalar
  • 32-bit integer, 64-bit floating point
  • 8Kbyte instruction cache, 16Kbyte data cache
  • 5 stage pipeline
  • floating-point unit that can do the following:
  • scalar product in 3 cycles, fully pipelined (single-precision floating point) using just 1 instruction
  • matrix transform in 7 cycles, partially pipelined, single- precision floating point, using 1 instruction. That's 16 multiplies and 12 additions, all single-precision fp, in 1 instruction.
  • 208 or 256-pin package
  • 1.8 Watts worst-case power consumption

    14 Sep, 1997

    House of the Dead and Winter Heat announced for Saturn.

    8 Sep, 1997

    Tokyo press is reporting that a deal between Sega Enterprises and Microsoft concerning Sega's next system, internally known as 'The Dragon Project' was imminent. The same reports stated that the next system will use a powerful Hitachi CPU with a 128-bit internal bus, and a 64-bit external.

    4 Sep, 1997

    Sonic Team announces next title. Burning Rangers is the next game.

    2 Sep, 1997

    3Dfx Interactive announced today that it has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Sega and NEC Corporation.

    18 Aug, 1997

    Saturn version of Madden '98 is 100% complete and should make it out by September.

    15 Aug, 1997

    Panzer Dragoon Saga may come on as many as four discs when it hits the Saturn in Japan this summer.

    12 Aug, 1997

    There are conflicting reports that VF3 for the Saturn will not be comimg out. Yesterday, in a Q & A on Sega's website it was revealed that Virtua Fighter 3 was not coming to the Sega Saturn. Then the official word from Sega today was that it was untrue.

    5 Aug, 1997

    Sega releases its first Net Link titles. They are Sega Rally Championship and Virtual On. The two Net Link titles will be bundled together with an upgraded internet browser and the Net Link itself. It also can be purchased directly from Sega for about $25.

    Jul 30, 1997

    Adeline has been purchased by Sega.

    Sega has official terminated its development contract with 3Dfx.

    Konami today revealed that a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night will be coming to the Saturn. Konami is saying that it won't just be a simple PlayStation port.

    A list for EA Sports coming out this fall.(From Saturnworld)
    Madden NFL '98 - Early September
    NBA Live '98 - Early October
    NASCAR '98 - Early October
    NHL '98 - October
    FIFA: Road to the World Cup '98- October

    21 Jul, 1997

    There have be reports that Sega has choosen PowerVR chip set for its next console system over the 3Dfx chip set. But today , 3Dfx said in an official statement that Sega has "a contractual obligation to 3Dfx Interactive to utilize the company's Voodoo graphics technology as the graphics engine for its next consumer gaming platform. Should they choose to introduce a product that does not utilize this technology, 3Dfx believes that the terms of the contract entitle it to commensurate damages."

    9 Jul, 1997

    Sega is attempting to increase its user base for the Netlink with a promotion. The promotion will be the netlink and two netlink games for $99. The game will be most likely Virtual On and Sega Rally Championship.

    24 Jun, 1997

    Sega Spokes person has revealed that VF3 for Saturn won't make it out in time for Christmas.

    23 Jun, 1997

    Next Gen is reporting that there will be no upgrade of the Saturn.

    22 Jun, 1997

    Sega of American assures that VF3 is coming to the Sega Saturn. The game has not been cancelled.

    18 Jun, 1997

    No early Sonic Jam release in the U.S. The Games is still slated for August release.

    12 Jun, 1997

    Jaleco's Model 2 racer, GT 24 Hour, is now in development for Sega Saturn port .

    11 Jun, 1997

    More classic Sega games titles are coming to the Sega Saturn. This will be part of the Sega Ages series. Phantasy Star I-IV will be apart of this series.

    9 Jun, 1997

    Sega of America today relaunch its Web site take a look at

    5 Jun, 1997

    Saturn version of Resident Evil will have a few enhancements such as new monster and an additional weapon for Chris and Jill's arsenal. The Saturn version will also have a new mode where gamers will have to fight a continuous onslaught of zombies and monsters that attack at relentless speeds. The game will be out in the third quarter of this year.

    4 Jun, 1997

    Sega has also announced that the prices for new Saturn games will not exceed $50.

    Traveler Tales, a European Developer is said to be working on a Sonic games. Next Generation state that it is a new Sonic title and GameSpot state that it is the next Sonic game.

    3 Jun, 1997

    Sega Saturn drops price to $149.99. Along with the price drop of the Saturn, Sega has also dropped the prices on the following products:


    1. SATURN SYSTEM $149.99

    2. SATURN SYSTEM / WITH 1 GAME $169.99 (Choice of Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2 or Nights)

    3. NETLINK SOLUTION PACK (Saturn and Netlink) $249.99

    4. NETLINK $99.99


    1. SEGA GENESIS (all packages) $79.99

    2. Various Software Titles.

    Sega has also announced that they would be slashing their prices on a large number of their 16 and 32 bit software titles as well, the new prices will be in the neighborhood of $19.99 - $39.99.

    27 May, 1997

    Sega and Bandai have called off their merger.

    19 May, 1997

    Last Bronx will come on two CD.

    15 May, 1997

    Midway will release Midway's Atari Classics collection this June 3rd. The games on the CD will be Asteroids, Battlezone, Super Breakout, Centipede, and Missile Command.

    12 May, 1997

    Sega announces a new Sonic racing game for the Sega Saturn.

    7 May, 1997

    Working Designs will bring out Sega Ages titles AfterBurner, Out Run and Space Harrier on one CD and will sell it for $39.

    30 Apr, 1997

    Blockbuster will be renting Fighters Megamix a week and a half before it goes on sale at store.

    29 Apr, 1997

    Funcoland has drop the price of the new Saturn $149.95. Other store like Toys R Us and EB still are at 199.95

    Sega is talking to both Hitachi and Motorola about a final CPU choice for the Black Belt. Hitcachi being considered for their SuperH chip and Motorola for its PowerPC 603e.

    27 Apr, 1997

    Sonic Jam should be out in August in the US and for the fan of World Wide Soccer '97, World Wide Soccer '98 should be out this fall.

    25 Apr, 1997

    Today Sega of Japan started drop its price on some of its most popular games.
    The following games are 2800($22.76) yen:
    Virtua Fighter 2, Baku Baku, Dragon Force, Lair Section, DX Life Game

    On June 20th another ten go on sale at 2800 yen:
    Nights, Decathlete, Sega Rally Championship Plus, Saturn Bomberman, Puyo Puyo Tsu, Dragonball Z,Shin Megami Tensei Devil Samana, D's Dining Table, PrincessMaker 2, Albert Odyssey

    15 Apr, 1997

    AM1 not AM2 will update of its 1996 hit Dynamite Baseball with Dynamite Baseball '97.

    14 Apr, 1997

    The AM2 team of Sega will announce tomorrow a sequel to one of their existing arcade titles.

    3 Apr, 1997

    Sega announced today at the Tokyo Game Show that Sega Touring Car will be coming to the Saturn.

    31 Mar, 1997

    Black Belt may not be Sega next system it may be the VF3 upgrade.

    26 Mar, 1997

    Sega is planning to officially announce the details of its next system call Black Belt on April 3rd.

    25 Mar, 1997

    Sonic X-Treme is due to be reveal at theTokyo Toy Fair next week.

    12 Mar, 1997

    Sega's next game machine codenamed Black Belt. The new machine will be CD base and use a 64-bit CPU. One of the key things in the new machine it will use Videologic/PowerVR PCM2 chipset. The other thing is said to be that it wil use the Microsoft Arcade Operating System for easier programming. The system maybe out by Christmas '98.

    7 Mar, 1997

    You may see a price drop in the Sega Saturn soon.

    5 Mar, 1997

    On April 4th the Sonic Team is expected to announce which game they will bring out next.

    3 Mar, 1997

    Sega is mailing the following things registered Saturn Owners.
    1. A $35 coupon off the Sega Saturn(For a Friend)
    2. A $35 coupon off the Sega Saturn Net Link
    3. Bootleg Sampler II and some other stuff

    25 Feb, 1997

    The Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D will support the Saturn NetLink.

    24 Feb, 1997

    The 3 free games deal for the Sega Saturn has once again been extended to the end of May.

    10 Feb, 1997

    Sega grab the rights to Duke Nuke Em 3D and Quake on the Saturn.

    27 Jan, 1997

    Sega beginning another software promotion buy 2 Get One Free on select games.
    Buy Two of these games:
    Amok, Bug Too!, Dark Savior,
    Daytonac USA CCE, Fighting Vipers, NFL 97,
    Scorcher, Sonic 3D Blast, Soviet Strike,
    Tomb Raider, Virtua Cop 2, World Series Baseball II
    Get on of these Free
    Nights,Sega Rally Championship
    Worldwide Soccer '97, Virtual On

    13 Jan, 1997

    Sega says that it has sold 1.6 million Sega Saturn in North America and 7 million worldwide. The "Three Pack" offer is said to be a big part in the huge sales increase.

    25 Dec, 1996

    The 3 free games deal for the Sega Saturn has been extended until March 31 1997.

    3 Dec, 1996

    Sega Saturn sales Increase 500 percent since the three-game promotion began on November 18. Sega Saturn have sold over 400,000 units since the three games promotion began. Sega Saturn software sales are up 400 percent also.

    19 Nov, 1996

    Ted Hoff VP of Sega said Sega is commited to the console businessd and that the Saturn will not be the last console system and that it is in for the long haul.

    Sega Saturn makes it into the retail top 10 as the highest selling 32-bit system this year. The PlayStation doesn't.

    18 Nov, 1996

    Daytona will be out in the US around the 26th, in Japan December 26th. It contains 16 playable cars but in the begining only 8 are selectable.

    Here is a picture of VF3

    Activision which has picked up the rights to Legacy of Kain has not decided to officialy cancel the game. They are going to watch the sales of the PSX version to determine what will become of the Saturn Version.

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