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Gaming News

28 May, 1998

Capcom is going to bring out compatible versions RE2 and Director’s Cut for the Dual-Shock Controller.

3 Apr, 1998

Yet another delayed in the N64DD. It will not be released this summer in Japan as originally intended.

10 Mar, 1998

NOA Officially Announces Color Game Boy

21 Jan, 1998

Development sources for the N64 DD have revealed that it will likely sell for less than $100. It may sell as low as $80.

Resident Evil 2 comes out tomorrow.

6 Jan, 1998

Tekken 3 may not be out until May in the U.S. for the Playstation.

Jan 5, 1998

Nintendo announced today software price reductions for seven of its games to $40. There are Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Cruis'n USA, Wave Race 64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. The price go into effect on January 26.

4 Dec, 1997

A Goldeneye sequel is in the works. The sequel will most likely follow older Bond movie.

17 Nov, 1997

There are two hardware developers creating light-gun peripherals for N64 for game that have not been announced yet.

25 Sep, 1997

Sony has claimed Final Fantasy VII to be the top-selling game of the year with 500,000 units sold.

2 Sep, 1997

Final Fantasy VII will be out tomorrow.

25 Aug, 1997

Nintendo Rumble Pack will be available tomorrow in stores, August 26, 1997.

21 Aug, 1997

A Japanese videogame magazine has reported that Nintendo will make Zelda 64 on a 32 MB cartridge.

29 Jul, 1997

There are about 20 N64DD games are in developed now.

27 Jun, 1997

Rumble Pak compatible versions of Mario 64 and Wave Race hit Japan next month. There is still no plans to bring it to the U.S.

18 Jun, 1997

Prices of third-party Nintendo 64 games are set to drop by about $10.

Zelda 64 is said to arrive in the first few months of 1998.

30 May, 1997

Japanese launch of the N64DD has been push back until March 1998. With the earliest lunch in the U.S. in mid 1998.

27 May, 1997

The new PlayStation revision hits retail store today.

13 May, 1997

A redesigned Playstation will be hitting store shelves in the next few week. Two major expected differences for this Playstation are to help FMV skipping and overheating. The other is a change RCA jacks to a multi-out port. It is also cheaper to manufacture which may indicate a future price drop.

21 Apr, 1997

Nintendo's Hiroshi Yamauchi has confirms that the 64DD will have a modem.

16 Apr, 1997

Here is a pic from the Rumble Pak. This will be a packaged with the Star Fox 64.

Pic from VideoGameSpot

15 Apr, 1997

Resident Evil 2 will not be out in the US until first quarter of 1998.

9 Apr, 1997

The first US showing of the real M2 hardware and its software will happen on May 16th 1997.

26 Mar, 1997

Howard Lincoln of Nintendo provide some confirmation for some rumors with an interview with Next Generation Online. That the 64DD will not be available in the US by the end of this year and that Zelda 64 will first be released on a cart. The Jolting Pak has been officially renamed Rumble Pak and that it will be likely bundled with Starfox 64.

24 Mar, 1997

EA has change its opinion on the N64 and it will bring out more games out for the system in early '98. EA has not decided which games it will make.

The reason for a miss week of news is that I was gone. The big news was that the N64 when to 149

11 Mar, 1997

The Nintendo 64DD has been pushed back to December in Japan. The earliest that you may seen it in the U.S. is mid-1998. The amount of additional RAM that is planned with N64 DD is currently 2MB.

9 Mar, 1997

Rumor has it that Zelda 64 may first launch on cartridge this year and then later on the N64DD with enhanced music, textures and plot.

7 Mar, 1997

Nintendo stated that the planned price cut was from a mistranslations. Nintendo of America is currently planning to get it's story right. You should see some announcement soon. So as of now no price drop.

6 Mar, 1997

Nintendo is reportedly planning to drop the price of the N64 to $149. To match the price of the Playstation.

3 Mar, 1997

The Playstation price has drop to $149 for the core unit. There is also a new price point of $49.95 and below for all titles on the Playstation.
Nintendo has on plan to change there price right now. Sega is also not moving their price right now.

28 Feb, 1997

Global price cuts for PlayStation are coming this weekend. The Playstation price will drop to 129 pounds in Britain down from 199. On Monday Sony should make an announce on the U.S. price. The Price in the U.S. may go all the way down to $129.

Sony should also reveal its new software pricing plans.

24 Feb, 1997

PlayStation games may drop prices in the weeks ahead. Speculation is also increasing that Sony may drop the price of the Playstation this holiday season to $99.

23 Feb, 1997

Nintendo has announce a price drop of its N64 in Japan from its current price of 25,000 yen ($203) to 16,800 yen ($137). There is no plan for a US price drop right now.

19 Feb, 1997

Resident Evil 2 is getting some script changes and new weapons. It is not going to be complete overhaul. It is going to come on two CD.

10 Feb, 1997

Mario Kart 64 should be out in store by Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Some store my see it tomorrow.

Nintendo is planning to bring out color-cased versions of Game Boy Pocket sometimes this spring.

7 Feb, 1997

Sony new analog controller should be out sometime in September 1997

30 Jan, 1997

Sony has rules out that the Playstation 2 would not be out until 1999.

8 Jan, 1997

The Nintendo 64 should been launch in Europe on March 1, 1997.

29 Dec, 1996

News is coming soon.

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